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Ultimate Rush

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The ultimate athletes and the ultimate filmmakers paired with Hollywood story telling: Pulitzer Prize-nominee and Hollywood screenwriter Stephen Schiff (Wall Street, Lolita, True Crime) teams up with the action-sports wizards from MSP and Red Bull Media House to ask the ultimate questions: Why do these athletes do what they do? Why do they risk everything to achieve something as fleeting as a ski line on a remote crag, a momentary descent down a waterfall few have ever seen, or a leap through space between man-made mounds created solely for a leap through space? Chris Davenport, Antoine Montant, Hervé Cerutti, Steve Fisher and other action sports legends join forces with cameramen greats like Scott Gaffney, Dustin Lindgren and Guillaume Tessier to explore the fine line between extreme sport, philosophy and art. Directed by Murray Wais and Steve Winter, this cinematic quest will take you from the Rocky Mountains to Morocco, from Bolivia to China, and from Thailand to Norway, as it gives rise to the most breathtaking stories. Next to a generic Voice Over in English and German we also can offer a special version narrated by Academy Awards nominee Nick Nolte.

Content Half Hour Series

Runtime 24 mins

Categories Red Bull   Sport  

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Season 1 - NB No longer cleared for Airlines Season 2 - All cleared. Episodes "Angel Falls" / "Untethered" / "Riders on the Storm" / "Beyond" / "Phenomena" are available for viewing on our website. All episodes available to view on request - - - Season 3 - 5 new episodes cleared for Airlines Before ordering, please contact Library Media Solutions to confirm availability by territory.

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