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Detroit Steel

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Detroit Steel - If Adam Genei was worried about following rules and making good impressions, he wouldn't have started Mobsteel. Together with his "right hand man" Steve-O, the pintsized building wonder Doug, wild man painter Ron, and his tough-as-nails wife Pam, Adam is rebuilding the rides that made Detroit great and putting the Motor City back on the map. Against the odds, Adam took his family automotive heritage and turned it into a thriving business. These aren't your typical automotive makeovers, just slapping on some new wheels and a slick paint job to make a couple quick bucks. Mobsteel's creations are head turning rides selling for big money. In each episode Adam and his crew of misfits tackles a new job for a new client. The end product is a never before seen creation that transforms the best Detroit has to offer into a badass ride. For the guys at Mobsteel this is more than just a job. It's about representing their city, their families and doing it all on their own terms.

Content One Hour Series

Runtime 44 mins

Categories AETN   Documentary   Lifestyle  

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