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Series : Footballs Greatest Moments

Footballs Greatest Moments – Seven Goals That Shook The World

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Footballs Greatest Moments – Seven Goals That Shook The World – On the 8th of July, 2014, in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, the two most successful nations in World Cup history, home nation Brazil and European visitors Germany, contested the semi-final of the world’s biggest tournament in front of a feverishly expectant home crowd. The dream those fans had woken up with that morning, became an unthinkable, unbearable and unforgettable nightmare that shook Brazil – and the entire football world - to its core. Germany won 7-1, including 4 goals in 6 minutes of hell for Brazil, ending a run of 62 games unbeaten at home, posing the question – can they ever be the same again? In this documentary film, the 7-1 annihilation of Brazil in their own backyard by Germany is our present tense story, told by players, coaches and spectators from both sides – and intercut with the footballing and social histories of the game’s most successful - and contrasting - nations, plotting a history of the World Cup in the post-war era. An era that would see only three finals with neither team involved, but astonishingly, only two matches between the two countries. Post World War II, numerous generations of Brazilians would continually re-invent the game of football. Creating a fluent, flamboyant style, a suppressed and often repressed nation bounced back from the trauma of 1950 (when they lost their first World Cup finals at home to underdogs Uruguay), to become the first three times winners. After which, came an uncharacteristically grinding victory in ’94, defeat in a final shrouded in mystery in ’98 and national hero Ronaldo’s fairy tale comeback in 2002 to claim a record fifth world title. Since when, Brazil have failed to reach a single World Cup final, never mind win. On the German side, their ruthless efficiency crushed two beautiful, revolutionary teams in 1954 and ’74 before wins as a unified nation in 1990 and then, in 2014, after crushing that shell-shocked Brazil in the semis. Germany have been in more finals than any other team, with eight appearances. This is the story of one of the most remarkable matches ever played, and of two countries with very distinct personalities and values, reflected in their national football teams’ respective fortunes at the World Cup. In the build up to Russia 2018, they are, once again, the two clear favourites – history tells us that Brazil always seem to bounce back from World Cup disaster with a fresh triumph, but equally, that Germany can never, ever, be underestimated – they – and the German nation – always expect to win…

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