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The Pop Game

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From Executive Producers Queen Latifah and Jermaine Dupri, The Pop Game will follow Timbaland, one of the music industry's top pop mogul/producers as he works with aspiring young artists who want to be the next big thing in the pop game. Across ten weeks Timbaland will put the kids and their managers through a rigorous series of tests and challenges that are designed to give them the skills that they will need to grace some of the world's biggest stages and arenas. From developing a distinct vocal style, writing songs, and creating a brand/image to collaborating with other famous pop artists, maximizing vocal talent and handling their paces with rigorous choreography, the artists will learn to take command of a venue and impress their legions of fans. The Pop Game is not for the faint of heart and anyone not willing to dig deep will not be long for this high stakes world. The winner will have a song produced/recorded by Timbaland.

Content One Hour Series

Runtime 42 mins

Categories AETN   Documentary   Music  

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Full duration screeners can be viewed at episodes 1,2 & 3. - Please note availabilities are territory-dependent and as such are only available for airline exploitation once locally broadcast. Contact us for an updated list of recently broadcast episodes in your region.

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