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Seven Year Switch

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Four couples at a crossroads in their relationship will get the chance to live with a stranger for two weeks, in an experimental marriage, to help determine if different traits and characteristics in a mate could make their marriage stronger. Seven years marks a point in many marriages when couples find themselves restless and dissatisfied; and some even wonder what it would be like if they had picked a different spouse. SEVEN YEAR SWITCH will follow the journey of four couples who have hit a breaking point in their marriage. Each of the couples, who have not had children as of yet, will participate in an innovative experiment of switch therapy, in which they swap partners and partake in experimental marriages.

Content One Hour Series

Runtime 44 mins

Categories AETN   Documentary   Lifestyle  

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Full length screeners can be viewed at Season 1 - Episodes 1,2 & 3 and - Season 2 - Episodes 1,2 & 3... Please note availabilities are territory-dependent and as such are only available for airline exploitation once locally broadcast. Contact us for an updated list of recently broadcast episodes in your region.

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