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Banksy And The Rise Of Outlaw Art

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For the first time, Banky’s full story is revealed from his early days as a young underground artist in Bristol to his arrival globally as the most famous artist of the twenty-first century. Inspired by New York graffiti of the 1970’s, Bansky led the Street Art movement into the mainstream media. Featuring: Ben Eine (famous street artist who ran Banksy’s art gallery), Steve Lazarides (Banksy’s agent and manager who planned all of his stunts), John Nation (famous street artist and friend of Banksy), Rik (famous LA graffiti artist), KET (famous NYC graffiti artist), Felix Braun (famous UK graffiti artist and author), SCAPE (famous San Francisco graffiti artist)

Content One-Off 2 Hour

Runtime 108 mins

Categories Arts   Documentary   Lifestyle  

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Full length screener of this documentary can be viewed on a vimeo link, here - - Password - banksy

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