Programme Distributors To The Inflight & Non-Theatrical Markets
  • Ultimate Rush - Trailblazing into the fifth season takes us into the minds of these groundbreaking athletes, revealing their motivation to chase their dreams to achieve the unimaginable.

  • Music Docs. 3 documentaries following the careers of 3 diverse and unique rock music artists. Awolnation, Wanton Bishops and Juliette Lewis.

  • Fly Over Films uses latest UAV “Drone” based photography to capture stunning high resolution, bird’s eye view images of our earth as we fly over landscapes, cityscapes, coastlines and mountain ranges.

  • Whizz Kids – On the Fast Track to F1 delves into an incredible and little known world of young drivers, pushy parents, and dreams of Formula 1.

  • Road Rivals – Opposites attract? Chalk and Cheese? Used to roughing it Russ Malkin teams up with ex male model Charley Speed to demonstrate different ways to approach an on road adventure.

  • Inside Dior takes viewers on an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour into the legendary superbrand and 70 year old billion dollar empire that spans clothes, handbags, makeup, and perfume.

  • Million Dollar Genius celebrates the individuals who dreamed up solutions to everyday problems and had the vision to invent what are now very familiar products

  • Naples has always been a city of clichés and contrasts. "Gomorrah Sounds" seeks to draw light on its rich music scene and how it has affected both popular culture and society as a whole.

  • URBEX – Enter At Your Own Risk – follows a group of “Urban Explorers” as they chase their dangerous goal to see life from a completely different perspective.

  • Distance Between Dreams - Big wave surfing comes to life through the eyes of iconic surfer Ian Walsh, as he sets mind and body in motion to redefine the limits of what’s considered ‘rideable.'

  • The Premier League Show is a magazine programme featuring more “natural”, in-depth interviews with stars, personalities and main characters from UK Premier League Football.

  • Sir David Attenborough embarks on an exciting adventure in search for the lights of nature, exploring the wondrous phenomenon of bioluminescence.

  • The New Creative India takes you on a vibrant journey into the creative spaces and minds of India’s artists who are redefining the boundaries in their respective fields.

  • All across the globe, ordinary women are accomplishing extraordinary things. Pioneers, carving their own paths in male dominated fields, these women are anything but ordinary. They’re Wonder Women.

  • 60 Days In Documents 7 non-criminals incarcerated in Clark County Jail, Jeffersonville, USA, to live among real inmates and prison staff who don't know their real identity.

  • The History of the Pit Stop: Gone in 2 Seconds covers the evolution of pitstops from the very start of the world championship up to the record breaking rapid wheel changes we see in modern F1 today.

  • Untethered takes an immensely personal and inspiring look straight into the heart of the slacklining and highlining community in Vancouver BC.

  • SIX is the gripping drama story of a brotherhood of a US elite Special Operations Forces unit.

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