Programme Distributors To The Inflight & Non-Theatrical Markets
  • “Culinary Heights at Ikarus” takes you on a culinary journey of food, visiting twelve guest chefs in their home environment, then each will take over the kitchens at Restaurant Ikarus, in Salzburg.

  • Season 2 - Fully fit personal trainers put on weight to match that of their clients in order to better understand and empathise with the struggle back to fitness.

  • The Premier League Show is a magazine programme featuring more “natural”, in-depth interviews with stars, personalities and main characters from UK Premier League Football.

  • Road Trick follows US magician Adam Trent, in a journey across Europe and Morocco, exploring cultures, people, and the real-world value of his magic.

  • Anthony Joshua:The Road To Klitschko.2 years, behind the scenes, documentary following Boxer Anthony Joshua to the fight that made him World Heavyweight Champion.

  • The History of Comedy explores what makes us laugh, why, and how it's influenced our social and political landscape throughout history.

  • Footballs Greatest Moments – Feature documentaries on the inside stories of the greatest moments in international football, over the past seventy years.

  • The Clinton Affair is a six-part documentary focusing on the events and intrigue surrounding President Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinski leading to his eventual impeachment.

  • For 10 weeks top music mogul, Timbaland, works and coaches aspiring young artists who want to be the next big thing in the pop game.

  • Over The Limit is an intimate portrait of 20-year-old Russian Gymnast, Margarita Mamun following her harsh training regime, leading to the Brazil Olympics

  • Gripping, true life crime series following investigators Joshua Zeman and Rachel Mills as they explore one of the most bizarre unsolved serial killer cases of our time.

  • A behind the scenes documentary of the creation and bringing to life of the Broadway musical sensation, Hamilton.

  • A compelling documentary charting Egyptian Liverpool footballer Mo Salah's rise from humble origins to world stardom.

  • Graduating to the Team - Formula One star Nico Hülkenberg and the Infinity Engineering Academy run a competition to recruit young engineers to the F1 Renault team.

  • Vintage is a six-part series that takes viewers behind-the-scenes at three renowned Napa Valley wineries for the harvest season.

  • The Real T-Rex - Using latest paleontological discoveries combined with studies of modern animals,TV naturalist, Chris Packham, investigates the mysteries of the super predator, Tyrannosaurus Rex.

  • World's Tiniest Masterpieces - A documentary following Micro artist, Willard Wigan, who makes sculptures so small they can fit in the eye of a needle.

  • The Ticket - A movie starring Dan Stevens as a blind man who regains his vision but soon becomes metaphorically blinded by his obsession for the superficial in life.

  • The Day We Walked on the Moon marks 50 years since that “giant leap for Mankind” — the day the crew of Apollo 11 reached the moon for the first time.

  • Hired Gun - A documentary detailing the highs and lows and truth behind life as a hired session musician.

  • Swim Team chronicles the extraordinary rise of the Jersey Hammerheads, a unique swimming team comprised of young people on the autism spectrum.

  • Ice Bridge - Archaeologists, Dennis Stanford and Bruce Bradley, set out to prove their theory of how Stone Age, European Solutrean hunters may have crossed a bridge of ice, to reach North America.

  • This Lifetime Feature film chronicles the courtship and love story between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

  • Unique, easy to follow airplane yoga exercise routine that can be done in your plane seat, to keep you active and relaxed during your flight.

  • Roots – An Epic drama, spanning generations follows the story of a slave family, fighting against hardship, adversity and inhumanity to survive and continue their proud legacy.

  • Cultureshock is a series taking a look at the rise of the raw and salacious real-life television theater of tabloid talk shows and reality TV.

  • Knightfall is an epic drama telling the 700-year-old story of the Knights Templar, whose crusades across the Holy Land made history and changed it forever.

  • Marcella - Crime drama. British star, Anna Friel, plays a police detective looking into new murders striking a resemblance to an unsolved spate of killings from a decade ago.

  • The Pacemakers follows the surprising story of a group of men, all over the age of 90, as they pursue their dream of becoming world class athletes.

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